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Discover the different people who make up the Talent Unlimited project team

Operational team


Creative advisors

Emmanuel Rocque

Director of Development, Cannes On Air and Higher Education at Cannes City

I don't have any particular talent. I'm just passionately curious. The important thing is not to stop asking questions. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. Albert Einstein

Joël Petitjean

Editorial and educational project manager

There is nothing new in art except talent.
Anton Tchekhov

Serge Milan

Director of the DE Creative Writing - Screenwriting and Narrative - Université Côte d'Azur

Talent, Work, Tenacity – but above all, shake vigorously: you have to carry chaos inside you to give birth to a dancing star, says the philosopher.

Celine Masoni

Pedagogical coordinator of the Humanities and Creative Industries Master's degree, MAPIC program- Université Côte d'Azur

The talent? To know the conventions to better twist them, to go beyond them and to choose a free tone and a bold writing... To surprise!

Marie Junk

Director of University Projects and Cannes On Air Program - Cannes City

There are three factors in life: talent, luck and hard work. With two of these factors, you can succeed. But the ideal is to have all three.
Bernard Werber - The Empire of Angels

Ingrid Auguste

Writing and audiovisual project manager - city of Cannes

Talents are nothing if they do not serve the happiness of humanity.
Antoine Léonard Thomas