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The team

Discover the different people who make up the Talent Unlimited project team

Operational team


Creative advisors

Alexander Perrin

Screenwriter - Consultant CANNESERIES

Elizabeth Schub Kamir

Screenwriter - Consultant CANNESERIES

Philippe Barrière

Screenwriter - Consultant CANNESFILMS

Sara Wikler

Producer - Consultant CANNESFILMS

Yann Apperry

Novelist - Screenwriter CANNESFILMS

Arielle Saracco

Original Creation Director - Studiocanal

Françoise Guyonnet

TV Series Director - Studiocanal

Dominique Jubin

General Manager Studiocanal Original

Pauline Morineau

Fiction project manager - Studiocanal

Lyes Boudechiche

Studio Bagel Director - Studiocanal

François Mergier

Director of Acquisitions and Production France - Studiocanal

Hugo Deganis

TV Series Development Officer - Studiocanal

Leeana Lancashire

International Production and Acquisitions Officer - Studiocanal

Franklin Leonard

Producer & Founder of The Black List

Extraordinary talent is everywhere, among everyone. Extraordinary success happens when that talent is met with the labor and opportunity it demands.
--Franklin Leonard

Megan Halpern

VP of programs, partnerships & production - The Black List